David Thorburn-Gundlach
Systems Engineer and Administrator

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Availability: I am currently not available; I have accepted a contract position that should occupy me through Spring 2005 with the probability of extension. I am also always interested in prospects and the state of the market in general, so feel free to drop me a note at davidtg@justpickone.org and we'll discuss your needs and how I can help your organization.

Resume Possibilities
Brief Resume,
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A paragraph-formatted brief resume conversationally detailing my duties and achievements.

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This version IS up to date as of 2004/06.
Detailed Resume,
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  • Much more detail
  • In-depth listings of hardware and software
  • Success-by-success listing of achievements

    This version is harder to create, so it may not always be up to date (you'll see a note if it isn't).

    This version IS up to date as of 2004/06.

  • Remember, I could be working at YOUR company!
    Drop me a note at
    davidtg@justpickone.org and we'll talk about it...

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