It's June 4th, 1999.  I just received another email telling me that Bill
Gates will send me a check if I forward the letter on to my friends.  I saw
that someone had forwarded it to hundreds of people, all who had a last name
starting with A or B.  I'm guessing that the list was most likely harvested
from an online email directory... which makes me pretty angry.

I've gotten sick of receiving the same hoaxes over and over, and I shudder
to think of all the precious internet bandwidth they consume.  I've
repeatedly replied to these emails and patiently explained that most chain
letters are hoaxes, but no one seems to listen.  I think it's time to put an
end to all this confusion.

No, my friends, we are not going to get rich.  It's a hoax.  Bill Gates has
no email tracking system.  Walt Disney is not giving away tickets.  We
cannot get in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Your anti-perspirants and
shampoos will not give you cancer.  Tommy Hilfiger was never on Oprah.  The
American Cancer Society will not donate three cents.  There are no
HIV-infected needles in movie theater seats.  No video will pop up.  ICQ and
AOL Instant Messenger will always be available and free of charge.  As long
as you don't open any email attachments, you can NOT get a computer virus
from an email.  You will not have to pay long-distance fees to use the
Internet.  You won't be killed if you flash your headlights at oncoming
vehicles.  Proctor and Gamble is not owned by satanists.  And finally, the
little girl with leukemia doesn't exist.

Here's a good way to decide if a chain letter is a hoax.  An email is almost
definitely a hoax if it contains:
 *no signature
 *spelling or grammatical errors
 *sentences in all caps
 *over three exclamation points in a row
 *anything foreboding about ICQ, AOL, or Bill Gates
 *anything really exciting about ICQ, AOL, or Bill Gates
 *any offer to give you money

I hope I've helped clear up things a bit.  I apologize if this letter found
its way into the mailbox of someone who already knows this information; why
not send it on to someone you know who might benefit from the knowledge?

Visit and learn about all the rumors,
hoaxes, and urban legends currently floating around the internet.  If you
email any more chain letters in your life, this might be the one you should
send out.  But for God's sake, don't send it to everyone in an online email